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    4k 170高清廣角鏡運動DV攝像機(MDV610)

    4k 170高清廣角鏡運動DV攝像機拍照圖

    4k 170高清廣角鏡運動DV攝像機細節圖

    4k 170高清廣角鏡運動DV攝像機(MDV610)水中拍照

    Soc: Allwinner V3
    Sensor: Sony IMX179
    Lens: F2.0 170°6G 170 HD wide-angle lens                                                                                                              
    Display: 2 inch LTPS LCD(320*240pixel)
    Video: 4K/30FPS、2.7K/30FPS、1080P/60FPS、1080P/30FPS、720P/120FPS、720P/60FPS、720P/30FPS
    Photo: 16M/12M/5M/2M
    File Format: Video:MOV H.264  Photo: JPG
    Circular seamless video: 1min、3mins、5mins
    WIFI: Frequency:2.4GHz-2.4835GHz
      Support IOS6.1and Upgraded version  and Android 4.0 and upgradern system
      Remote Control,Setting ,View,Playback via smart phone
      Download and Share the video and photos to social networks
      IEEE 802.11b/g/n (direct connected)
      App OSD support Multi-Language
    Battery: 900MAH @max90mins                                                                                                              Wi-Fi:      Ez-iCam APP (support IOS and Android system)
    Port: USB2.0 & Mini HDMI (Type D)
    Waterproof Class: Max 30M
    Language: Multi-language
    Selective Color: Black/White/Golden/Pink/Blue/Yellow

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